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The Home of Trithemius

Yet another horribly self-indulgent webpage! I once said "I will never make a website until I have something to talk about"; I guess that went out the window... :P

Recent News: I'm still in Canberra, and will remain so until the end of 2007. I am also attempting to enter the workforce and, simultaneously, learn some marketable skills. Finally, I have rediscovered my love of making characters and scenarios for roleplaying games that do not (and probably will not) exist.

Semi-Update: 07/04/05.

Personal details about Trithemius, a.k.a. John. The Man, the Mystery, and the Bathrobe...

Roleplaying Archive
A list of some possibly interesting stuff to do with roleplaying.

Some Books (& Films) That I Think Are Neat
A bit of a list of some books you should probably read; and also a few films that I rather like.

A list of links.

Comments Page
For comments. Predictably. It might also have the side-effect of exposing you to how easy (and fun!) using wiki is.
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